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James was Head Chef at Applegarth Farm when he tragically left us on 1st January 2015. He had just had a cracking evening with his friends and colleagues doing what he did extremely well, making people happy. His flair for food and determination to always provide an exceptional offering were unparalleled and he is missed on a daily basis. James was solid and dependable with a strong conscience of what was right and wrong. He was admired by all that worked with him.

The fact that he is not able to continue pushing our business forward after three great years setting the scene is a tragedy. Throughout all of it James loved his family greatly. His eyes would light up when his eldest daughter came into work on a Friday - the hour that they would spend together was a joy to watch. I know without doubt that James was a fantastic father and this would have continued throughout his daughter’s lives. He would have been kind and compassionate to them but they would never be in any doubt as to who was boss! He would have strived, had his life continued, to provide them with everything that they could possibly need.

This is where we come in. Everyone that knew James would agree that if the tables were turned he would be helping your family out in any way he could. In the same spirit we need to help out his girls in any way we can. This golf day is a small way that we can make some money, on a yearly basis, to help them through the trials and tribulations of growing up without their father. The day will be one of joy and laughter as he would have had it no other way. James was great fun with a keen wit and a passion for golf which was considerably greater than his ability (don’t tell him I said that!)  We always had a good time playing golf so what better way to commemorate a great man than to play the game he loved.

Will Benson - Managing Partner, Applegarth Farm

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